Sunday, 2 November 2014

Comparison between the Laphroaig 10y and the PX

Laphroaig has some nice smoky and medicinal whiskies. This evening’s treat was a comparison of the Laphroaig standard 10 year old and the Laphroaig PX. Both are easily recognised as Laphroaig whiskies with their woody peat smoke and medicinal character with salt and seaweed.

I find the woody peat smoke more pronounced in the 10y than in the PX, while the rubbery character is more pronounced in the PX. Both are medicinal with vanilla and cinnamon flavours, but the 10y is more intense. The 10y has a fresh acidic fruitiness with a taste of apple about it, while the PX is influenced by the dried fruity character from sherry casks.
The PX has a longer and drier aftertaste than the 10y. It is quite astringent, probably due to the tannins of the PX cask. 

The PX is more woody, sweet and heavy that the 10y. The PX has dried fruits on the nose, compared to the lighter fresh fruity 10y. The 10y is rounder and easier to drink, and it seems more mature than the PX, which seems quite young. This could be a good reason for marketing the PX as a NAS whisky.

The conclusion is that both are nice drinkable whiskies, with the PX a bit more challenging.

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