Sunday, 3 November 2013

Norwegian champion in nosing and whisky knowledge

I am very pleased with the Oslo whisky festival this weekend. Chris Maile has done a fabulous job for the tenth time in a row. I am also very pleased winning the Norwegian championship in “Nosing and whisky knowledge”. The day turned out to include a lot of nosing and only a modest amount of drinking. I celebrated the victory with an Ardbeg Uigeadail at the restaurant Mister India, which has resurrected in new surroundings. Mister India has gone from great the greater. Mister India has an interesting whisky menu, which distinguishes itself from the mainstream restaurant. Eleven malts, including the mentioned Uigeadail, and the blend Ballantines 17 years old. They shall have credit for their gambling on Scotch. For me the prize is waiting – a trip to Orkney and Highland Park in early June 2014 together with the national champions of Sweden, Finland, Denmark and The Netherlands. The trip will be arranged by Senior Brand Ambassador Martin Markvardsen. I look forward to the trip. If you should be in Oslo, and like Indian food and whisky, try Mister India. Sláinte.